Tuesday, February 01, 2011

daging dendeng

i've always wanted to try making this dish. the only thing that is pulling me back is the process involved in making daging dendeng. let me just tell you guys this, i haven't always been the cook in the family. i even surprised my own mother. MY MOTHER!! haha!!! i started to seriously cook, very, very recently. i believe that there is always room for improvement and that i should try something new all the time, so that i won't be a boring person. haha! what a reason. aaaand, it also helps that i have an everwilling, very sporting, foodie of a husband, who eats everything that i make, without any complaints...so far...hehehe...Alhamdulillah.

back to this dish. everytime i go to a kedai minang, or something like that, this would be one of the dishes that i would order. and one thing about me, i have this very strong sense of curiousity...okaylah, call it busy body. and whenever i like something, i will try to find ways to make it...and also at the same time, try to find ways to make it easier.

but, with daging dendeng, i don't think you can skip THE most important step, which is the pounding of the meat (something that i was not looking forward to) but, like they say, there's always the first time for everything, right? i only have one thing to change about the recipe...i will write it down at the bottom of this post okay? now, on to the recipe, shall we?

1 kg beef
2" ginger, crushed
3 lemongrass, crushed
2 cups water
salt to taste

(b)to blend
10 dried chillies
15 red chillies
10 shallots
3 cloves garlic
1 tbs kurma spice
1 tbs brown sugar (gula merah)

the how to

1) clean the beef and coat with salt. once done, boil with the ginger and lemongrass till it's tender.

2) once done, slice the beef thinly, then fry till a little crispy.

3) next, pound the thinly sliced beef using any equipment that you have. i used my mortar and pestle for this.

4) in the wok, heat a little bit of oil and saute (b) till fragrant.

5) once that is done, put the beef into the wok and stir till everything is evenly mixed.

6) add salt if necessary.

and we're done.

what i think about this recipe:

1) well, i must remember next time to NOT cut the beef too thin because it will turn to powder when pounded. HAHA! powdered beef, anyone?

2) i think the taste of the sambal is a little bit bland, i would, next time, add a little bit of coarsely pounded coriander seeds.

that's my take. what about you guys?
try it and then let me know, okay?

recipe source: 1 hari 1 resipi


hathyiahusni said...

wah so easy lah dot! I will try once I can stand the cooking fumes....

dottology said...

kaaaan??? try tau. nanti lemme know.