Wednesday, March 21, 2007

LA Part 1

well, the long awaited trip to LA finally arrived. been looking forward to this trip for the longest time. ever since the wife left, to be exact. but here's the thing, i usually get all excited and would start packing like say, a month before...hahahah, but this time round, i only started packing the day before.
so, disebabkan aku ni memang lah jakun...haha!!! i made sure we arrived extra early, just so we could enjoy the lounge. harus lah mengambil gambar gitu. so, here are the pics that i've managed to snap. i know, i know, it might gross some people out when i post pics of the restroom...but who the ham's my blog, i get to post whatever it is that i want, aight???

okay, here goes...

oh, and you ready for this? they even have a sleeping area for those tired eyes to take a nap or something. very cozy kan?

and this is where you lepak-lepak while waiting for you flight, you can makan-makan, watch TV and also surf the net. eh! macam iklan untuk golden lounge la pulak-pulak. one thing's for sure, service memang A+...and the food is simply divine!!

we so engrossed with enjoying and pampering ourselves at the lounge, we were the last passengers to board the flight. mesti seme crew berbulu...heheheh...aiyerr...takpe maaahhhh...sekali sekala bercuti...hehehhe

okay, we'll continue about the trip soon...