Sunday, February 06, 2011

ayam masak lemak

cili api.

this is for my wife.

for you, my heart. ripped from my chest. eviscerated i, silap poem untuk silap entry. okay, wife, as per requested, this is the recipe for ayam masak lemak cili api. i don't know how to translate ayam masak lemak cili api to ingrish, perhaps you can help me, yes? good girl.

okay, you be ready for the recipe now? here it goes...

chicken, of course, hence the title
3 potatoes, cut into 4
1 turmeric leaf or daun kunyit
2 cups thick coconut milk (from ½ a coconut)
salt to taste

(b) items to blend
20 bird chillies, cili api - i used only 10, tu pun dah pedas giler
2" fresh turmeric
2" ginger
2 lemongrass
1 cup water

the how to:
1) in a pot add in everything except for the coconut milk, let it all simmer and come to a boil and also until the chicken and potatoes are cooked.

2) add in the coconut milk and stir constantly till it starts to boil once again - very important.

3) add in salt and taste. if everything's okay, take the pot off the heat.

4) serve with steaming hot rice. yum!

well? what are you waiting for? go and try it!!

recipe source: 1 hari 1 resipi


O face said...

And for you.... freezer paper. Thank you wife!! i try it before i go home, question is.. where to find fresh tumeric leaves.

dottology said...

wife, i be giving you a secret...i didn't put any! hahahahaahahahah!!! oso taste very, very good one...i pomise you!!

now, you can go and masak this one. silakan... can't have yet another asian feast without asian (read: me)...kan? :-p

Tisa Fahmy said... should try to add tumeric leaves and taste the diff. Kat pasar Dato Keramat berlambar daun kunyit tu yang...
And looks good and no doubt it tastes as good as it looks! I love masak lomak nih..besides potatoes, ada lagi yg boleh ditambah seperti belimbing buluh, pucuk paku or ikan bilis..tanyalah orang nogori.. u dott!