Sunday, February 27, 2011

have voucher will

paw and claw mani-pedi?

bought this voucher for a mani-pedi at mexico kukubar bangsar. i bought three so that i can spend some time with the sistahs a.k.a. the lazarus girls women. i cannot remember when was the last time i spent time with both of them. so, i thought maybe we should all go and get our paws and claws groomed nicely. i heard about this kukubar place a long time ago...and being in bangsar i thought, maybe the place is cantik properlah...but i guess it has seen better days kot?

the place was just okay...our session was a bit disturbed by this hairdresser guy who was going on and on and on talking about his trip to pakistan. i mean this guy was L-O-U-D and he wouldn't stop talking. talk about spending some time relaxing while getting your paws groomed.

overall, i think the service was not consistent. the lady who attended to me, did not file my heel and the foot massage was just so-so, my manicure was also just so-so there were parts of my nails that were not buffed properly...not only that she did not massage my hands and apply lotion. she didn't even push my cuticles. why didn't i say anything? well, to tell you frankly, the lady intimidated me a bit. i scared.

lazarus woman no.1, i think she had a wonderful foot massage and also her pedicure was done properly by the owner (?). i'm very happy for that because lazarus woman no.1 (from now on shall be known as 'the daughter') just gave birth to 'the cucu' and God knows how much she needed that foot massage.

as for lazarus woman no. 2 (from now on, she shall be known as the wife. yes, she's the sister to 'the daughter' and don't ask me how this 'family' works, aight?) i think she had an okay experience as well. good for them.

i? i had a wonderful time spending time with 'the daughter' and 'the wife'. that's all that matters to me.

before that we went to lunch at Delicious, Bangsar Village. Courtesy of 'the daughter'. thank you daughter. i had the pesto pasta with grilled chicken. sedap gilosh. 'the wife' had this lamb stew thing. tak sempat nak amek gambar, she was too hungry. for dessert, we all shared the sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce. i don't know where the dates are in that sticky pudding, i could taste a hint of cinnamon though...but it was delish!

after our session, we went back to have tea and this time it was a treat from 'the wife'. thank you wife. we had the banana bread pudding with butterscotch sauce and also the banoffee pie. the banoffee pie was just so-so, nothing to shout about, i will try other banoffee pies though just so i can have some sort of a comparison. nanti ye.

what a wonderful closure to a wonderful day spent with wonderful people. will i go to mexico kukubar again? i dunno...

but will i go to Delicious again with the daugther and the wife? most definitely!!!

* just when i thought i could change the stereotype of this blog and make it more neutral...i went and made yet another entry about food. cheh!

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