Tuesday, February 15, 2011

apamku merekah, merekah

merekah lagi....

i don't know...this is either some kind of a joke...or a curse. the apam curse. miahahahaaha!! behold my fourth apam in two days. i made three yesterday, two of which 'smiled' like that and the last one i made, hopefully, turned out okay. i have yet to ask jules about it.

today is my MIL's birthday and since she can no longer enjoy cakes and other sweet stuff, i thought maybe i should make her an apam pelangi, considering the fact that the last time i made it for her...it did not 'rise' (read: bantat) properly. but, i guess the Almighty has other plans for me, maybe He wants me to seek the silver lining behind this repeated problem. maybe i should be smiling more? yes? i dunno.

maybe i should take a break from apam making. maybe i should concentrate more on other stuff. maybe i should just stop over analysing every single thing and just stop and smell the roses. maybe i should blame the steamer? the fire? the mixture? myself?

or, maybe i should just give up?

latest update:

this happened a few minutes before we left for MIL's. Once done, robot placed the apam on a cooling rack (as per usual) for it to cool down. when the time comes for her to put the apam in the container, somehow the centre of the apam leaked and out came this gooey mess of uncooked apam batter...refer to picture below.

what-the....i dunno, i made them exactly as per the other times i've made them...


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