Monday, January 16, 2012

fish in soya sauce

a.k.a. ikan masak kicap.

sometimes, simple can also be translated as nice. sometimes, you don't need to go all fancy to satisfy your taste bud. sometimes, when you've run out of ideas of what to cook  all you need is something very easy to prepare and yet, tasty.

today is the i-want-to-cook-something-simple-and-this-is-it day, or better known as 'makan aje apa mummy bagi day.' haha!

for some people, to prepare something like this, they do not need a recipe book or a specific recipe. i too have my own easy-peasy version of ikan masak kicap. BUT! since, i have a recipe book that has this recipe and since i'm still experimenting from recipe books, i decided to give this recipe taken from this book, Nostalgia Bonda.

the author of the book added a little something extra to her recipe, she added chicken stock cube, cinnamon stick and also cloves. whereas, if i were to cook my version, i'd just saute some shallots and garlic je. :-)

taste wise, because of the chicken stock cube and the cinnamon and cloves, i think it's a tad different, next time i will try this recipe with the recommended choice of fish stated in the recipe. biasalah senaaaah, temah ni kan tangkap muat sajork.

okay! on to the recipe, shall we:

you will need:
4 pieces of ikan tenggiri, mackerel (i didn't have any, so i used HRH Kembung)
1 cm cinnamon stick
2 to 3 cloves
10 shallots, pounded
4 cloves garlic, pounded
1 inch ginger, pounded
¼ cup dark soy sauce
¼ cup sweet soy sauce
1½ cups water
1 cube of chicken stock
2 tsps turmeric powder
1 tsp salt

the how to:
1)  rub salt and turmeric powder to the fish slices. leave aside for 20 minutes.

2)  fry the fish slices and put aside.

3)  saute cloves and cinnamon stick till fragrant.

4)  add pounded ingredients like shallots, garlic and ginger.

5)  when golden yellow, add water and stir well.

6)  add both types of soy sauce and allow to simmer.

7)  add in the fried fish slices and mix well.

8)  garnish with halved chillies and sliced big onions.

9)  ready to serve!

easy enough, right? well, let's go to the freezer and take the fish out already!!

recipe source:  nostalgia bonda, reminiscing mum's love by kamariah jamaludin

Sunday, January 15, 2012

for my nephew, heikal

this entry is waaaaaay overdue. waaaay get my drift, right?

my nephew, heikal got married recently. they had the 'akad nikah' ceremony on the 23 december 2011. i couldn't be there to cheer him on, but i did make a little something-something for the guy. it was my way of 'being there' for him.

now, everyone (all 4 of you...haha!!) know that this is NOT a food blog. right? but, everytime i attempt to write anything will always come back to food.

this, for instance:

what i want to blog about is this container that i decorated as part of his hantaran. but inside, i filled the container with a whole lotta antidott's goodness. my chocolate chunk cookies - food. there is no escape, i'm telling ya.

well, for the groom, my nephew, congratulations and good luck. you are now someone's husband and soon you will be someone's father. hmmm...talking about being someone's father...heikal, you still remember our little talk, right? when the little ones come...they are NEVER allowed to call me nenek, aight? Kakak dahlah. miahahahaha!!!!

congratulations once again you two!

and i think it's still not too late to wish you guys a happy happy new year, right? well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! muah!