Tuesday, August 14, 2012

hannah is FIVE! Alhamdulillah...

five years ago, i made this entry. this little bundle of joy made her bestfriend (read: akemi) and i very very happy. i fell in love immediately. this little thing is my niece and i get to spoil her whenever i want. haha!

and now, today, she turns five. FIVE! cepat betul masa berlalu.

my darling hannah kamilla, you bring joy into our lives. each and every day, you surprise us with new things about you, i see a lot of me in you (sorry hannah's mummy...like aunty, like niece, perhaps? :-p) and i know that you will be a wonderful person when you grow up.

antidott and akemi, sentiasa mendoakan hannah kamilla menjadi anak yang solehah, yang cerdik pandai, yang menghormati orang tua, yang pretty and yang princess and also supaya you dipanjangkan lagi umur, dimurahkan rezeki sentiasa, dilindungi dan diberkati Allah, and most importantly supaya you menjadi ahli syurga. Amin. we wish nothing but the best for you, our special niece. have a blast today, kamiyya. we LOVE you!! muah!!

p/s: don't forget to practise your spanish. nanti you call i and we practise kay. LOVE YOU baby!!