Wednesday, July 31, 2013

i'm an uncle!!!

everyone, meet caliph aqeef. he arrived yesterday. I am now an uncle.
my darling caliph aqeef, welcome to the world. we'll have so much fun together doing non-girly things. but, I don't do bugs, okay?
photos stolen from caliph's mommy's FB site. hihihi. thanks hor. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

thin and crispy oatmeal cookies

well, hello there...
lama giler tak update blog, tetiba je terus thin and crispy oatmeal cookies. sabar ye anak-anak, mak temah nak make a comeback ler ni. (macam celeb uol, nak comeback-comeback bagai).
wait! before that, I think it's still not too late for me to wish everyone Ramadhan Kareem. I know, I know, we are at the last few days of ramadhan, like everyone else, I too wish that it would stay. but, that's not how things work around here. my only wish is that the Almighty will grant me another Ramadhan next year. InsyaAllah, amin.
it is already end of july, and I only have like 5 blog entries to my name, for 2013 that is.
I will try to improve hoccay? although it's already towards the end of the year, and I am sounding like a repeat of a new year's resolution, I think it's still okay for me to TRY to improve on the regularity of my blog entries.

so, how much have you missed me?? show of hands? anyone? yes? no one? like, seriously? no one?? *sigh* takpelah camtu.

okay, like I mentioned in the first paragraph I am making a comeback and what better way to make a comeback then post about my recent bakes. are reading this right. in plural and in more than in, okaylah two. hey! two IS more than one, so that counts as a plural santing-santing. I would like to start with these cookies, because the other attempt was a flop and who would want to make a comeback with a flop story, right?

two weeks ago my friend tini posted a picture of these cookies on FB. and since I love oats and anything and everything that has got something or anything and everything to do with them, I asked her for the recipe. she told me she got it from here. Mel's Kitchen Café. so today, i suddenly had the urge to give this recipe a try.

i have taken the liberty in converting the ingredients into metric measurement, but if you guys want the imperial measurement, then you guy can click here.


let's go!!

you will need:
140g of all purpose flour
¾ tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
198.46g* butter :-p
225g granulated sugar
50g light brown sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
225g rolled oats. (i used large leaf german rolled my now THAT was a mouthful)

the how to:
1)  as always please pre-heat your oven to 175°C.**

2)  combine and whisk the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl.

3)  using your mixer, beat the butter and both sugars till combined at a low speed, after which you go all craycray with a medium speed until they are light and fluffy.

4)  then, in goes the egg and vanilla essence, beat on medium low speed until they are mixed.

5)  next, you add in the flour mixture and mixed just so-so, barely incorporated, kata dak Mel tu. she also says that it's okay if there are a few dry spots.

6)  once done, gradually add in the oats until well mixed.

7)  scoop the dough out into your baking sheet (now, at this point of time, i don't think i need to inform you guys to line your baking sheet already, right? come guys are experts at this...i bet you're going back into the kitchen to line them baking sheets, right? haha)...okay, okay, back to the dough in question. for this, i used my 3cm ice cream scoop.***

8)  bake until the cookies are golden brown, edges are crisp but the centers are still slightly soft. in my case, i baked the cookies for about 10 minutes.


*seriously? you are actually coming down here to see what the asterix is about? i mean, like seriously? who would want to measure out 198.46g of butter? who??? so, why don't we just do the right thing and measure it to 200g, right? but, seriously? i can't believe you guys are even reading this. seriously?

**this temp was a direct conversion from the original recipe. in my case, i had to tone the heat down a tad, because the cookies were flattening and burning by the end of the 5th minute. so, i adjusted my heat to be 150°C

***if you use a 3cm ice cream scoop, you will get a cookie with the diameter between 6-7cm.

tastewise, if you like your cookies to be on the sweet side, then this is it. if not, you can always adjust the amount of sugar. i like the texture, because i made mine slightly soft in the center with the edges all crispy. there were also a few that were totally crispy all over, and those were fantastic as well.

well, what are you waiting for? go ahead! you know you want to give this recipe a go, right? awww come on, this is not the time or place to be shy. just get the ingredients out and whip yourself a batch, i promise you, you wont be disappointed. they are super easy to make and super easy to gobble up! haha.
luck luck!!
recipe source: thank you!!
and my thanks to tini for sharing the recipe. :-)