Monday, July 04, 2005

Mouth Jewellery no more...

Today I took off my braces...well, I didn't take it off myself...the dentist had to do it for me. After three years of having 'mouth jewellery' my reaction to this sudden freedom of stainless steel and rubber in my mouth is somewhat mixed.

On one hand I'm really, really glad that I no longer have to be extra 'perasan' whenever I eat, especially bread (!!!) You know, afraid of having tiny bits of chilli or some form of green veggie stuck somewhere in between my teeth...or even worst, bread bits...that sorta look as if I've just had sawdust for lunch!

On the other hand, I kinda miss them. I do! A friend told me that I'd feel 'naked' once I take them out...I think in a weird way, she does have a point.

I do feel kinda naked.