Saturday, June 11, 2011

what were you doing when you were five years old?

when i was five, i was in kindy, reading all sorts of books, being well taken care of...occasionally giving my sister a hard time (read: bullying on a small scale). i remember going for mengaji lessons. i think it's fair to say that i had a balanced and wonderful childhood.

this guy here, he was selling gum and drinks at the tender age of five. FIVE! my niece is four and all i want to do is to protect her from anything bad and also to try my best to make her happy (but HannaH you still have to go to skool and must basahkan all kaki and tangan when you shower okaaaay).

i am a firm believer that God will not test those who are not able to handle all the challenges that is being given.

so...with that...enjoy the video clip.

i should stop whining and just be thankful for what i have.

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