Friday, June 24, 2011

kerabu tomato ikan bilis

or fried anchovies and tomato salad or can also be known as *YUM* :-)

i got this recipe from this blog. and what can i say...this recipe is definitely a keeper. it's just the kind of salad you'd want to make when you don't have the appetite to eat anything or when you're craving for something saltysourish. then this is the one for you. if you want it to have a bit more 'kick', you can add in some more bird eye chillies. i only used about three, because i can't stand the heat YO!

ready for the recipe?

2 tomatoes, sliced in whatever way you like
dried anchovies, fried
½ big onion, sliced thinly
3-4 bird's eye chillies, sliced
1 lemongrass
salt and sugar to taste
lemon juice
MSG, if you like (i didn't put any)

the how to: seriously? you really want this part of the recipe? really? okaylah!

1)  pound the fried anchovies coarsely, i skipped this part because i like to have them whole then add in all the other ingredients and toss away!

this is so easy that it'll be a shame if you guys don't give it a try. hehehe...

bon appetit!

recipe source: thank you hana!! :-)


jamilah said...

Sedap nih...mkn dgn nasi panas2 lauk telur goreng pun dah cukup. Yeslah! tomorrow lunch kita buat eh...

dottology said...

makan dia saja pun sedap...semalam while i was tossing this salad, sambil toss sambil ngap masuk mulut. haha!!

Emily said...

lemon grass tu..... sliced thinly diagonally arh?

JUJUL said...


dottology said...

jules, sedap dan senang, silalah try...hehehe...