Monday, June 13, 2011

lemak cili api rebung muda and udang

wow! that was a mouthful! hahahaha!! okay, you know all great things (like lazying around and over-extending the vacation from the kitchen) must come to an end at one point in time. that being today and now. i don't think i can go out and eat anymore. truth be told, i miss my kitchen and i know (read: perasan nak mampos!) my kitchen misses me too...*honest, i asked, and it answered* :-p

so, lo and behold...this really easy, well...did you think i was going to go all fancy, especially after such a long break from the kitchen? aiyer.... don't get me wrong, i will go all fancy soon enough, because i actually have a list of things to try, but not todaylah. cut me some slacks, okay? okay. i am rambling, which is not good because at this rate that i'm going we will NEVER get to the recipe. here is the recipe...

500g rebung, or bamboo shoots
200g prawns
3 cups thick coconut milk (from 1 coconut)
2 lemongrass, bruised
salt to taste

(b) things to blend
20 bird eye chillies
3 shallots
1" fresh turmeric

the how to:
1)  boil the bamboo shoots with a little bit of salt and water till tender. drain.

2)  in a pot, add all the blended items, lemongrass, prawns and the bamboo shoot and let it simmer till it starts to boil.

3)  then in goes the coconut milk and salt.

4)  be sure to stir so that will not go all wonka (read: pecah minyak). once the gravy starts to thicken, take it off the heat.

5)  ready to serve.

see? i told's easy as easy can be.

wanna have a go at it? :-)

that's it folks, i'm going to have dinner now. come back soon, aight?

recipe source: 1 hari 1 resipi, by chef hanieliza
bamboo shoot photo and information taken from wikipedia, terima kasih.


Emily said...

love gulai cili api... dgn tempoyak lagi best!

dottology said...

ooooohhhhh....must try that next time!! :-)