Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sambal tumis udang dan petai

or, chilli prawns with petai, or bitter beans or stink beans.

waaahhh...kemain lama lagi mak temah tak hapdate blog ye... (read: i've been a bit lazy. :-p) well, a lot has been going on lately, with the baking AND stamping of 50 million shortbreads, 50 million red velvet cupcakes AND one chocolate cake for kamiyya's birthday party and all, i thought after all that is over and done with, i could have a little quiet me time, right? W.R.O.N.G! because now, i need to continue baking for our Ramadhan project and also after that straight to the orders of cookies for hari raya (that are already coming in, alhamdulillah, thank you guys!!). as with the past years, the oven and the giant, will be given a ONE month break immediately after Ramadhan. hehehe...

but, baking tu baking ler jugak, the dapur still have to cook for lunch and *ehem, sometimes* dinner, right? so, my lovelies, today, i present to you what i made for lunch...(lohhhh...tengokler gambor kat atas tu...)

you want in on the recipe? i let you in on the recipe, okay? by the way, i took the recipe from the Melaka book. :-)

here we go!

10 prawns. TEN prawns? biar betik chef...only TEN? well, i added a lot more
petai or stink beans
1 tbsp of tamarind juice
some dried chilli paste (blended dried chillies)
1 big onion, cut into circles
salt and sugar, to taste

(b) please blend these
4 shallots
2 cloves garlic
1" belacan or shrimp paste

the how to:
1)  heat oil in wok and saute (b)

2)  then add in the dried chilli paste, and tamarind juice. let it simmer for a while or two. :-p

3)  next, in goes the prawns, petai, salt and sugar. stir and incorporate everything. (read: let them friend-friend)

4)  lastly, add in the big onion, stir and heat off.

5)  ready to eat! like i'm about to do now. join me? :-)

recipe source: citarasa Malaysia - Melaka by Chef Salbiah
information on petai and belacan taken from: en.wikipedia, thanz horrr...


jamilah said...

Ini suda bukan sambal udang, ni udang sambal, tak nampak sambal, nampak udang jer...pheh, meleleh ayork liuq...

dottology said...

hahahaha! sudah salah bajet itu sambal...hahahaha...ada kat bawah2 tu...nampak taaaaak??? hahahhaa!! :-p