Friday, July 15, 2011

belado campur

err...mixed everything? yes? *aiyer* i don't know how to translate thislahhhh... *tulah, cari lagi resipi susah nak translate*

this to me is a vanderful dish not only because it's easy to prepare, but also the taste is vanderful. i especially love the crunchy ikan bilis and fried tempe. they really work well together. FYI, for those not in the know, tempe is made from fermented soy beans. it looks like this. some people like to coat them with a bit of turmeric powder and salt before frying, i like it with just a little bit of salt, minus the turmeric powder.

okaylah, enough of yakking...some people have tempe to fry, yes?

i'll cut to the chase and give you guys the recipe.

4 pieces of tempe, sliced thinly
½ cup of dried anchovies or ikan bilis
½ cup of peanuts
vegetable oil, for frying
juice from 2 limes
a wittle bit of sugar

these things below need to be pulverised by your blender:
20 dried chillies
2 big onions
6 cloves garlic

the how to:
1)  heat oil and fry tempe till golden brown. set aside.

2)  fry the ikan bilis, till just done. set aside.

3)  fry the peanuts. set aside... *sigh*

4)  next, you saute the pulverised items till they are fragrant.

5)  add the lime juice and a little bit of sugar. add salt if you want, but i didn't.

6)  then you mix 'em all together. done!

easy peasy...except for numbers 1 till 3... *malasnya aku*

okay, i'm going to start on my weekend now. tata!

recipe source:  citarasa Malaysia - Johor by Chef Hafiza
picture of tempe taken from: thank you!


AsdSahar said...

ya ampooon!! laparnyer! sedapnyaaa tengok benda ni. err...kalau raya nanti nak order biskut2 boleh tak? hikhik.

dottology said...

Boleh je saharrrr....tapi biskut apakah? *takutnyaaa*