Friday, July 08, 2011

i hope i win!!!

dear rima,

i've been eyeing this particular item from your blog for the longest time...and usually it will be sold out the minute you put it at you online, naturally when i was there today reading your blog (read: faithful blog stalker) and saw that you were having a giveaway...and the prize is my dream come true of a prize...i immediately decided to write this entry.

well, dearest rima, i did attempt to make macarons...just that one time...and i am now, currently, gathering more courage to attempt it for the second, or third time...and hopefully *ehem* with the help of the giveaway prize, i will be motivated to make more of them...haha...

here's what happened a bunch of us got together one weekend and attempted macaron baking. i chose to color mine blue, because when i was in school i was in the blue house, also known as McNeil. hehehhee...

i got the recipe from Gee who got the recipe from a class she attended. my macs ended up having a teeny weeny bit of a feet but then because it was the first tray to go into the oven, it was also the first tray to be taken out prematurely and after a lot of poking and prodding from all of us...we found out that it was undercooked. but hey, at least i attempted to make macarons.

so, rima? how? this entry can ah?

your ever faithful blog stalker, dotty. muah!

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