Sunday, May 13, 2012

so, i knitted a scarf

behold, the Woven Cable Scarf.

i knit for a few reasons. most of the time it's either because i am travelling or because i have a certain someone on my mind. hehehe...the scarf is already on its way and i hope the recipient of the scarf will like it. kalau tak...simpan jelah...hehehahaha!!!

i usually get my patterns from this wonderful site called it's a very useful site for beginners or experts, tak kisahlah. i took this pattern from this website would you like me to repeat the pattern here? takyahlah kot, kan? for those who are interested, i used the 141g Red Heart yarn in Camo.

okay then, enjoy your weekend and i must get back to the other scarf i am working on and this time it will be in a pair for a wonderful mom and her cute lil daughter...sapalah agaknya ek? ;-)))

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