Wednesday, May 02, 2012

i thought i

taw a puddy tat.. i did! i did!!! remember that line? okay if you guys remember that line then you and i are from the same *ehem* era...BUT! if you don't know what i'm talking about, then...errr...then, there's always hoccay?

i received a special request to make these with white chocolate. so being one always up to any kind of challenge (we are still talking about me, right? miahahaha) i accepted the challenge. *macamler susah sangat senah oiiii....tukar jelah cengklatnya* but instead of spongebob, she wanted tweety bird edible image to be on top of the chocolate. little did i know that the challenge would be to look for these edible images of the (once) famous tweety bird. dah pupus dah. i went to five bake shops but none had them, luckily there are people online that can print them on edible sheets. hah!

so, dearest orel, i hope that special someone love these and that you guys will have a blast celebrating her birthday. :-) eh, you want me to sing ah? :-p

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