Tuesday, December 20, 2011

this one's for you yvonne

i stumbled upon her blog a few years ago, by accident and was immediately amazed by this young lady's courage and strong will and i became her stalker. her blog's stalker laaaahhh...

one day, i read that she published a book and that was when i knew that i had to meet this courageous person. i don't know why. i could've gone to a book store to get her book, but i decided to meet her in person. and it was a good call. the first time we met, she gave me a hug. it surprised me, because in a world where you are taught to be wary of strangers and people you've never met, she came out of her gate and gave this stranger a hug. it warmed my heart and i vowed to never lose touch with her.

many years have gone by...we've kept in touch in whatever way we can, be it in the isolated emails, or even in a facebook inbox messages.

but this is not what i want to write about tonight. tonight i want to write about yvonne, the girl with a heart of gold. the girl, who did not think twice and gave me a hug.

the girl who now needs our help.

i don't think i am able to fully explain yvonne's true condition, but you guys can go to her blog and read all about her.

a few months ago, she helped a friend of mine, syahidah raise funds for syahidah's surgery in LA and now, Yvonne needs emergency surgery.
i would love to help and i know of only one way that i could help. i can whip up a few batches of my cookies and sell them and i pledge to give ALL the proceeds for Yvonne's emergency surgery funds.
or if you guys don't want my cookies, i would appreciate it if you could go on to yvonne's blog and see if there is anything that you guys could do to help.

thank you very much!!

***latest update, my roomie has pledged to add in RM10 for each container of cookies sold for this particular project. YEAY!!! thank you roomie. Alhamdulillah. i lebiuuuuu!! muah!

you can read about yvonne here.
and syahidah, here.


Yvonne Foong said...

Thank you, Dotty. I would like to give you more hugs, if only we get to meet more often. ;)

dottology said...

here's a virtual hug for you my friend, we'll see each other soon enough. hehehe... {{{hugs}}}