Saturday, October 12, 2013

vegan red velvet cupcake

never in a million years would I thought i'd bake anything vegan. or eggless. never. but, as the famous saying goes, never say never. and today I am making a promise to myself, that I will never say never...well, okay...i'll say never to a few thingslah...but, I am open to suggestions.
a classmate of mine is allergic to eggs. how insensitive of me to not notice that each week, when I bring something to class, when the container of baked goods is being passed from one person to another, she would pass the container to the next person without taking anything. lucky for me, she told me about this last week, so...I promised her i'll bake her something without eggs.
I went online and found this recipe.  you know what? I think i'm on a lucky streak. why? well, this is yet another recipe that does NOT require the use of theGiant. except for the frosting though. so, this is a very easy and straightforward recipe as well. my kind of recipe. you know...the kind that requires you to combine the wet and the dry and voila! it's done!
tastewise, well, I was pleasantly surprised that these taste exactly like the normal red velvet cupcakes. only difference is the texture is not as soft as I would've wanted it to be and the color is more on the brownish side...I might want to make certain changes with the amount of red food color I use and also on the baking time and see what happens. first try maaahhh...
so, you wanna give this a go?
let's go!!
you will need:
200ml soya milk
20ml cider vinegar
200g self-raising flour
200g caster sugar
20g cocoa powder 
¼tsp salt
¼tsp bicarbonate of soda
¼tsp baking powder
80ml light rapeseed or other flavorless oil
1tbsp vanilla extract or essence
½-1 tsp red food coloring paste (not liquid)*

for the frosting:**
25g dairy free margarine
75g vegetable shortening
125g soya cream cheese
1tbsp vanilla extract
750g icing sugar (giler banyakkk!!!)
¼tsp salt
about 30-40 soya or rice milk
red sweets (decoration kot?) ini optional.

the how to:
1)  preheat oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4

2)  line muffin tray with cupcake liners

3)  mix the soya milk with the cider vinegar and set aside for 10 minutes

4)  get a bowl and it in place the sugar, flour, cocoa powder, salt baking soda and baking powder. mix until combined.

5)  add the soya milk mixture, oil, vanilla and the red food coloring into the dry ingredients. using a metal spoon (I don't know why this is a requirement...) and quickly mix all these until they are just combined and the batter is still a bit lumpy.  tap the bowl of this mixture on your counter to stop the raising agents from working too quickly. observe some bubble popping action. I did. not too many, but gotlah. :-p

6)  spoon the batter into your muffin cups. (I used my every so faithful ice cream scoop) and then...tap the tray on your counter witness more  fireworks   bubble popping action.

7)  bake for 15 minutes. (my oven only required about 8 minutes...yours?) let the cupcakes sit in the tray to cool and chill for about 10 minutes before transferring them on the cooling rack.


1)  with an electric or hand-held mixer, whip together the margarine, vegetable fat, cream cheese and vanilla and they are creamy.

2)  add half of the icing sugar and 30ml (2tbsp) milk and continue mixing while gradually increasing the speed until all is combined.

3)  add the rest of the icing sugar until you get a smooth consistency.

4)  if the icing is too firm, you can add a bit more milk and if it's too soft, you add icing sugar lorrr...

*since I don't have any kind of food coloring paste I used liquid
** I didn't use this version of the frosting because...where the hell can I find soya cream cheese in puchong??? anyone?

All in all, I will definitely be baking these again and again and again, this recipe is a keeper!!!

what about you guys? trylah...ishhhh! :-p

thank you: for this wonderful recipe.

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