Monday, June 18, 2012

abang punya...

he arrived when i was 12. i became an aunt that day. i didn't know what it meant until i saw this cute little baby and was immediately in love!

today, he will become someone's husband and soon i will become someone's grandmother...s**t! i mean, YEAY!!! got to drill into head or etch in laser that one is no longer THAT young anymore. haha!

to the boy who changed my whole view on kids (gosh, i used to HATE kids waaaay back when) who is now a man, congratulations abang. i'm sorry i cannot be there for you today, but my prayers are with you. good luck aaaand...harap-harap, sekali lafaz jelah iyerrrrrrrr miahahahaha!!!!!

i lebiu, muah!!!


siti hajarr madina said...

mak long those door gifts are very puhretty!!! ♥♥
mak long jom nanges same2 sbb x dpt pergi :(

dottology said...

ina, i hope those guys yang pegi tu akan post pictures. tak sabar nak tengok.