Sunday, January 15, 2012

for my nephew, heikal

this entry is waaaaaay overdue. waaaay get my drift, right?

my nephew, heikal got married recently. they had the 'akad nikah' ceremony on the 23 december 2011. i couldn't be there to cheer him on, but i did make a little something-something for the guy. it was my way of 'being there' for him.

now, everyone (all 4 of you...haha!!) know that this is NOT a food blog. right? but, everytime i attempt to write anything will always come back to food.

this, for instance:

what i want to blog about is this container that i decorated as part of his hantaran. but inside, i filled the container with a whole lotta antidott's goodness. my chocolate chunk cookies - food. there is no escape, i'm telling ya.

well, for the groom, my nephew, congratulations and good luck. you are now someone's husband and soon you will be someone's father. hmmm...talking about being someone's father...heikal, you still remember our little talk, right? when the little ones come...they are NEVER allowed to call me nenek, aight? Kakak dahlah. miahahahaha!!!!

congratulations once again you two!

and i think it's still not too late to wish you guys a happy happy new year, right? well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! muah!

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