Wednesday, September 28, 2011

daging masak hitam

there is absolutely no way to translate the name of this dish in a beautiful manner. seriously. i could go beef in black sauce, or beef in soy sauce, but beef in soy sauce does not even reflect the true nature of this dish. so, let's just call it daging masak hitam. okay?
apahal ler lauk ko asyik black je sejak-dua menjak ni temah? entahlah senah...

how shall i describe this dish? it is very delicious. if you guys are familiar with nasi kandar, then you guys will surely know that one of the dishes served, apart from the usual curry, would be the daging hitam. well, this dish taste like thatlah. ejactly. i kid you not. you donch believe? you trylah. okay? and then lemme know.

ready for the recipe? let's go!!

you will need:
500g beef, sliced thinly
1 tsp cumin powder, mixed with some water*
1 tsp fennel powder, mixed with some water*
2 tbsps cooking oil
5 tbsps dark/thick soy sauce
½ cup tamarind juice
salt to taste
water as much as you need
3 lemongrass, bruised *ouch?*

(b) blend these
10 shallots
3 garlic
1½ inch ginger
15 dried chillies

the how to:
1)  heat oil in wok and saute the lemongrass, (b), the cumin and fennel powder, till fragrant.

2)  add in the sliced beef and a little bit of water. let them be till the beef is tender.

3)  once tender, add in the tamarind juice and the dark soy sauce.

4)  cook and simmer till the gravy becomes thick.

5)  once done, it's ready to serve with hot rice. *yums*

*i didn't have these so, i pounded my fennel and cumin seeds.

okay guys...what are you waiting for? get crackin'!!

come back okay?

recipe source: 1 hari 1 resipi by chef hanieliza

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