Monday, January 07, 2013

scarf cap ibu dan anak

i knitted these for a friend and her wonderful daughter. they both make the perfect mother-daughter combo. best friends, they are inseparable. so, when i got the yarn, i immediately thought of them and started on this project.

for my friend, the mom, i chose this pattern called the falling water lace by bonnie sennott. i purposely did not block the scarf because i wanted the cable-like wavy thinggie to stand out aaaand..i kind like the part when the scarf curls up and it goes all tube-like...okay, maybe that's just me...but, if my friend wants...MAYBE she can block the scarf nanti-nanti. hehehe.... :-)
as for her cute little daughter, i used one of my favorite stitches theraspberry stitch. i got the tutorial from every one's favorite online anything-and-everything guru, Encik YouTube. terima kasih cikgu!!
well, everything's wrapped and packaged nicely just waiting to go on their journey. i hope they will both enjoy the scarves...and if ada senget2 somewhere and or anywhere...please forgive me horrr....i only beginner, but i will improve.
tata readers *ada readers kewwww???*
see you guys again soon-ish! :-)
thank you bonnie sennott for the beautiful lace pattern. i had fun knitting the scarf! :-)
thank you iknitwithcatfur for the very clear tutorial on raspberry stitch!


iYda Juhar said...

Bole ke nak tempah? For me and my daughter ;)

iYda Juhar said...
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dottology said...

hi iyda, salam.

thanks for dropping by. unfortunately i tak ambik tempahan because i'm just a beginner. still need to improve on my skills. sorryyyy... :-)