Friday, November 25, 2011


okay, so everyone knows how much i love bread. ahhhh....bread... (here we go again with the singing...)

okaylah, croissants are NOT bread, they are pastries. but it involves the usage of yeast. hmmm...maybe it's not the bread that i am in love with...maybe it's the yeast...hmmm...

so, i made them. i was blog surfing and came across this blog with a totally different way of making croissants. well, the pastry butter bit, that is. one of the main reasons why i haven't attempted croissant making is because of the beating (the life) out of the butter to flatten it so that it can be wrapped in the dough process. if you know me, you'll know that i don't like to make my life a living hell (baru kau tahu ye temahhh) and i like everything to be easy peasy, campak-campak and jadi. so, that was one of the reasons...and then...there was the folding process. the roll, fold and wait, then roll, fold and wait again, times four! FOUR!!! haihhh...what did i get myself into...

BUT! But, everything is forgiven and forgotten once your house starts to smell like a bakery. my dear croissants (and all the tedious steps) i forgive you.

okay, here's the report on my very first batch of torture croissants. the texture is a little bit to dense and it didn't actually double in size after the 1 hour proofing/resting period and the taste of the yeast is a tad too overpowering.

now, i might have done quite a few things wrong. firstly, instead of refridgerating the dough for 5 hours or overnight, i decided to give the dough an extra night in the fridge. heyyy...i was with migraine yesterday....*alasan*.

secondly, the recipe did call for a neutral oil to be used, but i used olive oil. degil much?

or...maybe i just need to do it the traditional way? well, whatever it is, sedap ke tak sedap ke mak temah, aku tengok pak aji dengan lajunya telan banyak jugak. okaylah tu, kan? guys want to give it a go and lemme know?

okay, for the recipe and the step-by-step on how you can make your own croissants...please click here.

now, i would like to go and sit in a corner and think about how i messed this one up.

have a fantabulous loooong weekend people!!

recipe source: (thank you!!)


Emily said...

I actually need croissants for a recipe... do I make my own or just get it from the shops!! decisions2

Your first attempt looks good... but then again you are the master! and striving for PerFecTioN!!!

dottology said...

i am a little bit sad with my attempt at making croissasnts. i knew it would be challenging, but at the same time thought it would 'jadi'. :-(

i will gather more courage to attempt this again, but in the mean time, i will go to the nearest carrefour to get mine. haha!