Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i'm an aunt!!!

i became an aunt today. i always thought that i would be an uncle first...but, I guess God has better plans for me...i was made an aunt...by the wonderful, wonderful arrival of Hannah Kamilla. my very own niece...that i could spoil rotten, that i could be all crazy with and hopefully she'll inherit some 'traits' of mine...heheheh...and give color to her family.
to my mell, congratulations on a job well done. like mama told you, i would've asked for the epidural at the slightest hint of pain...but you decided to get all 'high' on gas...hmm...maybe it's something for me to think of, eh? ;-p
to you, hannah kamilla, welcome to the world nannah girl!!! to quote monica (from FRIENDS) in the episode when ben was born, "i will always have gum."...
antidott wuv you, you wittle piece of doodoo you!!! mmuaah!!!!

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Syed Aidid said...

Assalamualaikum. your blogs are amazing!! i enjoy reading every single one of it, and very creative too. :D